Windscreen / Windshield Wiper Blades

A windscreen wiper or windshield wiper is a device used to remove rain, snow, ice and debris from a windscreen or windshield. Almost all motor vehicles, including cars, trucks & buses, are equipped with such wipers, which are usually a legal requirement. Most cars have two wipers on the windshield, and they may have one on the rear window and one on each headlight. The wiper parts visible from outside the car are the rubber blade, the wiper arm holding the blade, a spring linkage, and parts of the wiper pivots. The wiper itself has up to six parts called pressure points or claws that are small arms under the wiper. The claws distribute pressure from the wiper along the back of the blade. This is described as a balance beam with a suspension system, where the wiper is the beam and the claws are the suspension components. The claws keep the blade flexed against the windshield to distribute even pressure to clean the glass all along the blade. More claws usually distribute the pressure better and are suited to large or highly curved windshields.

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